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Tempest Xtreem

A Classic Game Brought to you with a bit of flair by Atlantis Games Group.
It Was Supposed to be released for the 5200 but never made it due to atari's Managment troubles.

Blast your way through 64 levels of flippers, Pulsars, and many more Baddies to save the world.

This games comes with 64 levels (32 Different Boards), Digital Sounds, 7 Music Tracks, Top Notch Graphics and Insane Gameplay.

The Tempest Xtreem Cartridge Is For The Atari XL/XE Computer Models. 64K Required.

Atlantis Games Group Has Announced Pricing For Tempest Xtreem at $49.95 Per Cartridge.

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or You can Call in The United States of America 651-462-2500

International Orders are gladly accepted.

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The Staff:

Project Director/Music: Sal "kjmann" Esquivel (Oregon, USA)

Graphics: Sal "kjmann" Esquivel (Oregon, USA) and Peter J. Meyer (New York, USA)

Lead Programer: Peter J. Meyer (New York, USA)

Distributed Exclusivly By: Video61 / (Minnesota, USA)